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New Life Christian Academy

What questions do you have?


Pastor Bill Thompson

  • (440) 259-3850
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Team Members

  • Tamara Brier
  • Joshua Sievers
  • Dovie Thompson
  • William Thompson


Are you Accredited?

We are currently enrolling students as a non-public, non-chartered, non-tax supported school (oac 3301-35-08). The purpose of this classification is to allow Christians to send their students to a Christian school on the basis of religious freedom. This exempts our school from Ohio laws regulating staff and curriculum content; therefore, permitting us to teach our students from a Biblical perspective.

Graduating seniors receive a recognized diploma. Our students have gone on to further their education at places like John Carroll University, Lake Erie College, Lakeland Community College and Notre Dame; several with substantial scholarships. We have also had students enlist in the United States Military.

Do you have Athletic Teams?

As enrollment permits, our students participate in athletic competition at the Family First Sports Park in Erie. Soccer, basketball and volleyball are among the sports offered.

What type of Curriculum do you use?

We use individualized curriculum from Alpha-Omega Publications and other Christian-based publication companies. Students begin their academic learning with paper work-texts. Elementary students begin using computer-based classes in level three and middle and high school students are almost exclusively in computerized curriculum, supplemented with traditional style classes to aid the studentsunderstanding of the higher level course material.

What is the Daily Schedule?

Each school day will begin at 8:15 am and will dismiss at 2:45 pm. Doors open at 7:30 am. All students must be off the property by 3:00 pm unless enrolled in an after-school program or extra-curricular activity. Our K4 is part-time. Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8:15-2:45 pm. A Full-Time Kindergarten Program is available at our regular tuition rates. After-school care may be offered if an adequate number of students apply. The cost is $10 per student per hour. Daily activities will be planned.

Do you have a Dress Code?

Yes, our boys wear brown, navy or black Docker style pants and our female students wear brown, navy or black skirts.(skirt must touch the floor when kneeling) Boys and girls wear Polo style shirts (short or long sleeves) of any color. Sweaters may be worn over their shirt in colder weather. Make-up and non-functional jewelry is not permitted. Students are expected to wear socks and shoes (tennis shoes preferred).

What do your Students do for Lunch?

We do not prepare lunches on-site for our students. Limited use of microwaves and refrigerators are available to students.

Is your Academy open enrollment to all Christian Faiths?

Yes, New Life Christian Academy is an educational ministry of New Life Church. Students will experience and participate in our chapel services and morning devotions. Each student will be encouraged to express their faith in song, clapping their hands, raising their hands, prayer, reading scripture and communicating their faith to others. Students will be given opportunities and encouraged to confess their belief in Jesus Christ, repent of their sins, be baptized in Jesus name, and receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit, if they have not yet done so.

Do you offer Transportation to and from your Academy?

No, our students are not eligible for Public School Transportation. Some of our parents choose to carpool. Laketran will not take students from home to school, but will transport from other locations (such as a workplace) to and from school. Please call them at (888) LAKETRAN for more information.

Where might we find more information about NLCA?

Please call the Academy (440) 259-3850 to schedule a visit.


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